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essence shard

Submitted by Fleurs

Approximate Difficulty: Rank 30
Alchemy Discipline: General
Guild Taught: Wizard (doesn't mean exclusively)

You will need...:

  1. ingredient crystalline solution (x1)
  2. infuse mana (x1)
  3. seal (x1)

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Submitted Comments:

Virilneus says:
stops at rank 41

Querthose says:
To confirm...this recipe can be used for general alchemy ranks?

Arlia says:
I have 35 ranks in general alchemy, and I don't get reps.

Danaandim says:
I also have 35 Gen Alc ranks and get no reps. Could true range be 21-34? If so, why didn't I get INFUSE until 30?

Redin says:
OK, so now that I can make these...what is their purpose?

Allereli says:
Save all essence shards to do crystal breakdowns with later. You should only make T'ayanads and S'ayanads.

Asenora says:
Essence shards will only give you repetitions starting at rank 30 and ending at rank 34. This means you cannot get a rep off an essence shard if you're on your 35th rank of General Alchemy.

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