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tincture of rose-marrow

Submitted by Dimwitt

(heal minor head wounds)

Alchemy Discipline: General
Guild Taught: empath (doesn't mean exclusively)

You will need...:

  1. ingredient water (x1)
  2. ingredient ground rose-marrow root (x1)
  3. simmer (x1)
  4. seal (x1)

Submitted Comments:

Zizzle says:
This recipe does not give reps at 13 ranks.

Zizzle says:
Correction: still gives reps at 13, just need to do task in proper order, or no reps gained. Proper order is general alchemical task first, potions, then trinkets.

Drayce says:
Repeated testing has produced the following information. Successful brewing produces a sea green haze, requires 20 mana(1 to light, 3 to simmer, 16 to seal), pays 75 silver during teaching Master reps and can be brewed successfully at rank 4.

Pulsegiver says:
I've tried this at least a half dozen times. I've got 23 ranks in general, but for some reason never did this one, so I'm going back and picking up recipes I overlooked. It fails every time. Any idea why? It's not a hard recipe, after all..

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