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December 3, 2007


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Maelstrom really needs an update. The messaging in game is not at all accurate as per the description in the official docs.

In the game messaging indicates the storm is of an elemental nature, causing many sorcerers to ask that elemental lore increase the damage of the spell. However, if you read the official documentation, the maelstrom is not supposed to be elemental at all.

At the very least, the messaging needs to be looked at.

Now, I do not think we need any lore to be able to increase the potency of the spell, we can already do that, by repeatedly casting maelstrom at the same creature. However, I do think that it would be worthwhile to let mana control skills modify the mana cost for those repeatedly cast maelstroms.

Additionally, based on some magical skill, I like Evarin’s SHIFT idea. Whereby, once a target is dead, the maelstrom does not dissipate, it continues spinning and can be SHIFTed onto another target. This would not be a duration increase, merely it no longer ties duration to target life. If a player can cast a 2 minute maelstrom, let it last a whole 2 minutes, not only until the first target dies. If they kill one critter with it but it still has juice left, let them SHIFT it to another target. Have it require a skill check against spell aiming or something, and put in 5 seconds of RT, but let it happen.


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