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December 3, 2007

A bloody troll torso rolls down

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708 is a great and useful spell, but it has a rather abrupt upward limit. You target a creature with it and can break and amputate their limb, and then nothing. Roll a 150 or a 400, the affect is the same.

I would propose that for every 50 points of warding failure, starting at 200, another limb is blown off. So that, if you have a 300 endroll, all 4 limbs are blown off.  This is merely for fun, since it is unlikely that you’d ever get so high of an endroll while normally hunting.

There is a neighborhood in the landing with a swimming hole. After swimming in this hole a script attaches to players and for some time afterwards makes water drip down off their clothing.

Well, losing 4 limbs at once is quite bloody I’m sure. Wouldn’t it be sorcerish if all that blood covered everyone in the room and then spent some time dripping off their clothing? The color of the blood could of course change based on the creature that was limb disrupted, and those without blood wouldn’t result in this.

Then, of course, standard torso mechanics should come into being and the body should follow any possible down directions in the room.


  1. i was thinking about this spell and how it could be more effective and the answer seemed somewhat obvious. what is the difference between breaking a limb and breaking a neck? same concept right? this might make the spell overpowered but maybe it would require a really high end roll to fatally kill…

    Comment by eric — May 23, 2008 @ 1:27 pm

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