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What I Look Like

You see High Lord Virilneus Veraptoris the Warlock.
He appears to be a Dwarf.
He appears to be as old as the hills and average height. He has clouded stormy grey eyes and dusky skin. He has long, unruly white hair streaked with silver. He has a weathered face, a bulbous nose and an a long and voluminous unruly silver beard and moustache interspersed with streaks of white.
He has a tattooed symbol of Fash'lo'nae on his forearm.
He is in good shape.
He is holding an enruned gnarly glowbark staff capped with an etched urglaes talon grasping a yellowed slit-pupil eyed soulstone in his right hand.
He is wearing a rune-etched urglaes medallion set with a yellowed slit-pupil eyed soulstone, a shining mithril pin in the shape of a stylized lute, a golden veil iron chain mail vest clasped in the front with three large invar buckles, a voluminous lion skin mantle lined with deep purple silk, some purple myklian scale armor, a lustrous golvern beard clip, a sleek black lizard skin satchel clasped with a pair of gleaming platinum buckles, some sleek black lizard skin boots polished to a shine and cuffed at the top with lion's fur, a sturdy leather weapons harness, a deep purple tartan kilt, a royal purple oiled leather back-scabbard, a wide lion-skin belt with a gold lion's head buckle, and a gold ring.

My Armor
The hardened armor is adorned with an elegant set of burnished leather pauldrons. Emblazoned into the left pauldron is the crest of house Veraptoris. The right pauldron is expertly tooled with a stylized image of a fierce lion ready to strike. This myklian scale armor consists of a lamellar cuirass with attached pauldrons made from large overlapping purple myklian scales cascading down a vest of thick lion skin. Each scale is etched in gold with geometric knotwork and edged with a thin strip of golden mithril. The cuirass is clasped under the arms with four large urglaes fangs, two to each side. Accompanying the cuirass, a set of arm bracers have been etched with the same pattern found on the myklian scales and edged with golden mithril.