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December 8, 2007

712 Improvements

Filed under: Sorcery — Virilneus @ 9:52 am

712 is a great spell, but is the only buff in the sorcerer base list so it takes on a lot of duties. One thing the sorcerer base list lacks is an AS buff, which puts us behind other professions in the bolt AS department. This does indeed matter. Unlike with CS/TD where every critter has a TD tuned specifically to each individual sphere, each critter has only 1 AS, so having a significantly lower AS than other pures does result in a much more difficult time using AS based spells

 True, we can always use scrolls and imbeddables, and for years I’ve been using 211, 215, and 513, on every hunt, but not every sorcerer has the resources I have, but having a small AS buff in our circle is strongly desired.

 Or… we could always add a buff component to curse.

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