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December 3, 2007

Aspect Armor

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I would like to see fancy customized armors that individually provide permanent bonuses like the ranger spell Assume Aspect. So you would have a yak themed armor make with yak hide with maybe some funny yak scripts that’d give the wearer a permanent bonus like they were in yak form with the spell.

 Now sure, 650 is a high level spell, but in the end it really is just provides enhancive abilities, which already are released as auction items, so this isn’t really stealing anything functionally belonging to rangers, this is just copying their RP themes for the different enhancements. I can understand people who want to protection their profession, but I’m not one of them and I don’t agree with them. If an idea is neat, I do not care if it uses aspects of a professions high level spells, even sorcery spells. Make items that mimic my high level spells, I care not.

 Anyways, I would make 1 set for each AG/Aspect combination, giving you many different items all built off the same template, hopefully making it easier on the GMs. Or you could make them morphing between different AGs and just make 1 set per aspect.  For balance issues I’d make them 5x and unable to be further enchanted or something, so wearers have to forgo high enchants and padding to get the benefits.

I was also thinking, what if, if worn in the same group, these armors bonuses got added together. So you would get the bonus from the armor you were wearing, and half the bonus from any other armors worn in your group.

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