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December 3, 2007

135: Cone of Web

Filed under: Spells — Virilneus @ 2:59 pm

I would like to see some more web, and I think the 100 circle could use a mass attack spell to balance 410/435 in the 400 circle, so, cone of web was an easy idea to think up.

I would structure this basically like Cone of Lightning, but being about twice the mana it wouldn’t be exactly the same. It would function like CoL in that it would individually target all critters in the room for a web bolt (based on stance, so if in a forward stance, bolt, if not, weaker area wave — just like with 118). However, if you can visualize all of those webs leaving the caster, quite a bit of webbing would drop on the ground, and so because it both makes sense and would justify the higher mana cost, I would also have the spell create an area web in the room in addition to the individual targeting of all the critters.

As for training requirements, I would support a requirement of MOC training very similar to how ball spell splashing works where MOC training is used to establish the minimum targets and lore training is used to establish the maximum targets.

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