Welcome to GS4 Room Data. Using this system you can find and mark locations for foragables in GS4, the MMORPG online roleplaying game by Simutronics. Also you can view more room details such as Climate & Terrain as well as more herb details. Anyone can add an herb location, but only registered rangers can add climate & terrain data. If you're a ranger and would like to register please email me at virilneus@ this website. Thanks to Tsoran for the maps.

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pepperthorn root

EnvironmentsDid you know pepperthorn root grows in the following environments:
temperate - plain dirt
temperate - grassland
temperate - subterranean
temperate - rough
temperate - muddy wetlands
temperate - riparian
arid, temperate - subterranean
temperate - barren scrub
arid - rough
temperate - mountainous
temperate - cultivated
snowy, arctic - grassland
hot, damp - grassland
temperate - hard, flat
hot, damp - riparian
Make a Guess?This website can guess possible locations for pepperthorn root. These locations are only guesses, but may help you track it down. Click here to activate the guessing engine.
Learn MoreFind applicable alchemy recipes, a complete list of maps where it is found, and player comments on pepperthorn root at the GS4 Alchemy Site.

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  • pepperthorn root

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