GruntYou SeeThey See
stupidYou grunt, grinning stupidly.Virilneus grunts, grinning like a fool.
bashfulYou grunt bashfully.Virilneus grunts shyly, averting his eyes.
skepticallyYou grunt skeptically.Virilneus grunts skeptically, raising his bushy eyebrows.
questionYou grunt questioningly.Virilneus grunts, a quizzical look on his face.
agreeYou grunt in agreement.Virilneus grunts in agreement.
grimYou grunt grimly.Virilneus grunts grimly, looking resigned to his fate.
hungerYou grunt in hunger.Virilneus grunts as his belly rumbles.
whatYou grunt in annoyance!Virilneus grunts loudly in annoyance and impatience!
fearYou grunt in fear and surprise!Virilneus grunts, obviously terrified!
boredYou grunt, bored.Virilneus grunts in ennui.
greedyYou grunt greedily!Virilneus grunts, the gleam of silver in his eye!
sleepyYou grunt sleepily.Virilneus grunts sleepily.
fierceYou grunt fiercely!Virilneus grunts and snarls at the same time, looking mighty fierce!
sadYou grunt sadly.Virilneus grunts sadly, a small tear forming in the corner of his eye.
happyYou grunt happily.Virilneus grunts, grinning.
yesYou grunt in affirmation.Virilneus grunts and nods.
noYou grunt negatively.Virilneus grunts and shakes his head.
satisfiedYou grunt with satisfaction!Virilneus grunts in satisfaction.
drinkYou grunt, motioning for a drink.Virilneus grunts and motions for a drink.
foodYou grunt hungrily.Virilneus grunts as his stomach rumbles.
elfYou grunt in obvious distaste.Virilneus grunts and sneers at the same time in obvious distaste!
maybeYou grunt noncommittally.Virilneus grunts non-committally and shrugs his shoulders.
angerYou grunt angrily.Virilneus grunts angrily, glaring and snorting.
crazyYou grunt oddly, rolling your eyes and sticking your tongue out. Loon.Virilneus grunts, rolls his eyes, and sticks out his tongue. What a loon.
tiredYou grunt tiredly.Virilneus grunts tiredly.
helpYou grunt, calling for aid!Virilneus grunts urgently, calling for assistance!
mineYou grunt possessively!Virilneus grunts possessively, glaring at the same time!
foolYou grunt in annoyance.Virilneus grunts in obvious annoyance.
annoyYou grunt in annoyance.Virilneus grunts in annoyance, rolling his eyes.
painYou grunt in pain.Virilneus grunts in pain.
helloYou grunt in greeting.Virilneus grunts in greeting.
byeYou grunt in farewell.Virilneus grunts in farewell.
gemYou grunt, thinking greedily of gems!Virilneus grunts with a sparkle in his eye!
drunkYou grunt drunkenly.Virilneus grunts and hiccups, weaving slightly.
gleeYou grunt gleefully, rubbing your hands together!Virilneus grunts gleefully, rubbing his hands together!
thoughtfullyYou grunt pensively.Virilneus grunts pensively, deep in thought.
amusedYou grunt, amused.Virilneus grunts, amused.