McKyren's Folly

Here is all the information I have gathered about McKyren's Folly. First is an edited log from the message boards of the story behind the Folly. Then an edited log of Haelra describing her discovery of the Folly and finally maps of the Folly.


Miriweather paid a visit to the Isle the other night and told a tale of a Dwarven family rumored to have lived on Teras, the McKyren's. Thomaass, Lord Nakkem , Lord Buronson, Paragonimus, Lady Aries, Badd, Lady Jadall, Lord Loxik, Starrli, Tsalaroth, Lady Nephrenia, Lady Haelra,and Lord Vivecar were a few who joined Miriweather in the Golden Helm Bar for this tale of a youngster's struggle to become a fine artisan.

What follows is a scroll of the evening. I think you'll find it of interest because it speaks of a road "the color of salmon.. vivid pink.. and full of the sparkle of mica, like stars in the heavens" and suggests that there an area on the Isle, McKyren's Folly, yet to be found!


The Tale of McKyren's Folly by Miriweather

Miriweather says, "I was sayin'.. long ago, this sleepy town was the home of a burgeoning colony of dwarves."

Miriweather says, "Now then.. there was in town a family of dwarves."

Miriweather says, "they was known for their mastery of rock formin' over all tha lands."

Miriweather says, "they could make sheer poetry from stone.."

Miriweather says, "Twas as if they could work the stone like a sculptor works clay."

Miriweather says, "They's family name was McKyren."

Miriweather says, "Ye knows those dwarves.. who knows where they gets their names."

Miriweather says, "Master McKyren had a grand family of which he was verra proud."

Miriweather nods.

Miriweather says, "He had 8 sons and 5 bonny daughters."

Miriweather says, "He and his lady wife were proud of their chillens."

Miriweather says, "Old Master McKyren had his eldest two sons help him in his forge.. and found apprenticeships for the others with notable craftsmen."

Miriweather says, "His daughters were as fair as they were smart. They quickly found both husbands and/or professions to keep their interests. I hears tell one became a notable wizard."

Miriweather says, "Then.. one day, Lady McKyren found she was again with child."

Miriweather says, "She happily told her Lord, ole Master McKyren."

Miriweather exclaims, "He was confoozled!"

Miriweather exclaims, "He had used up all his favors placing all tha rest!"

Miriweather says, "He didnae knows what he'd do with the newcomer.. and he and his Lady were late in life by then."

Miriweather says, "Anyway.. time marched on."

Miriweather says, "It drew near the time when Lady McKyren would deliver the new arrival."

Miriweather says, "She came to labor on a stormy night.. the sea blew in on screaming wind. The trees were bent to the ground."

Miriweather says, "Well.. tha lady labored all through the stormy night."

Miriweather says, "When dawn at last drew the sun to shine on the debris-cluttered beaches of this isle.."

Miriweather says, " found McKyren the new father of a baby boy.. and his Lady dead of the birthing.

Miriweather nods to you.

Miriweather says, "Twas a sad and bleak day."

Miriweather says, "Tha leetle boy was sickly from the start.. and grew slowly. Always smaller tha' he should be.. but cheerful in the face of all."

Miriweather says, "Anyway.. tha lad's father could never look on his face without tha sadness of missin' his wife preying on his mind."

Miriweather sighs.

Miriweather says, "While, tha lad's brothers and sisters adored him above all elese."

Miriweather says, "They found his cheerful smile tha only balm to sooth tha missin' of their ma."

Miriweather says, "Well.. tha lad grew, although not much. He was always smaller than all tha other dwarves."

Miriweather says, "finally tha day came for him to choose a profession."

Miriweather says, "He had longed to join his brothers and dad at the forge alla his life."

Miriweather says, "However, his dad didna share his conviction that he should."

Miriweather says, "So.. he began to spend more and more time roamin' tha cliffs and valleys of this island.. and practicing tha craft he saw his family performin' in secret out there."

Miriweather takes a drink from her 75 year old cognac.

Miriweather grins.

Miriweather says, "His da' was a true master.. however, tha older brothers could never seem to quite 'get' the knack of the art."

Miriweather says, "Leetle McKyren watched his da' form works of pure poetry from stone..."

Miriweather says, "..and he would go to the hills and caves and try to echo what he had seen his da' do."

Miriweather says, "One day.. he found a cave."

Miriweather smiles.

Miriweather smiles.

Miriweather says, "In tha cave.. he began to work in earnest. At last finding a place to work the marvels he found within his imagination.. fueled by what he'd seen his da' before him do."

Miriweather says, "And there.. he began to feel the pressence of something else."

Miriweather furrows her brow.

Miriweather says, "A strange... old..... conciousness."

Miriweather says, "He began with something simple.. something pedestrian."

Miriweather says, "he began to build.. a road."

Miriweather says, "He formed the rocks.. he called the sparkle of the heavens down into his road."

Miriweather says, "As he worked with the stone.. the strange pressence began to talk to him."

Miriweather furrows her brow.

Miriweather says, "At first he ignored it. He thought it was merely his own imagination."

Miriweather says, "His own longing to become so in-tune with the rock that he could form it to his designs."

Miriweather says, "But gradually.. he realized, that it was indeed.. something else."

Miriweather takes a drink from her 75 year old cognac.

Miriweather smiles. You ask, "Yes?"

Miriweather says, "finally... "

Miriweather says, "He acknowledged the pressence.. and asked..."

Miriweather says, "'Who are you?'"

Miriweather says, "Softly.. he heard an answer."

Miriweather says, "Fangthryn."

Miriweather says, "An old voice.. a voice so low, it's utterance was like the shifting of the earth."

Miriweather furrows her brow.

Miriweather says, "As he heard the name, at once he felt as if he'd known it all his life. And at the same time, it was as foreign as a demon is to a dwarve."

Miriweather furrows her brow.

Miriweather says, "He was afraid."

Miriweather says, "So he tried to ignore the voice, working all the harder on his road."

Miriweather says, "It began to wind its way through the tunnels, like a snake."

Miriweather says, "It began dark in color.. but as it grew, it became the color of salmon.. vivid pink.. and full of the sparkle of mica, like stars in the heavens."

Miriweather says, "He soon realized that the strange ore he was using was tinting the road."

Miriweather says, "He found it littered about the caverns.. and he used it."

Miriweather says, "he was proud of his road.. it was beautiful and smooth and seemed to grow from his hands like a living thing.

Miriweather smiles.

Miriweather says, "Then one day.. as he was working.. he looked up."

Miriweather says, "The road had come to the entrance of a great cavern.

Miriweather furrows her brow.

Miriweather says, "He'd never explored the caverns that far."

Miriweather says, "The place was big.. the ceilings high above and invisible."

Miriweather says, "And in the center was a well."

Miriweather says, "It was a hole and he could nae see the bottom."

Miriweather says, "but he heard voices from it."

Miriweather says, "Well.. one voice really."

Miriweather says, "The voice that had become a constant companion."

Miriweather says, "by this time, his family hardly saw him."

Miriweather says, "When he would return, his siblings would ask him where he spent all his time.. but he felt a strange reluctance to disclose his endeavors."

Miriweather says, "'I'll wait till I'm finished,' he told himself."

Miriweather says, "Then.. he thought, "I'll show them that I'm good enough to work with my da'!""

Miriweather says, "Upon reaching the cavern, he became astounded at the beauty he found there."

Miriweather says, "And there, he saw the truth of the reddish colored ore he'd been using."

Miriweather furrows her brow.

Miriweather says, "Shards were there.. only in that cavern.. they were a bright ruby red."

Miriweather says, "Finding such an amount of it.. his road continued."

Miriweather says, "finally, it covered the entire floor of the cavern, in its pristine smoothness and finish."

Miriweather says, "The last section he finally finished.. in the southwest corner of the cavern."

Miriweather says, "And here.. it ended at a wall. Upon the wall were incised strange symbols which he could not read."

Miriweather says, "he sat upon the perfect surface of his incredible road and gazed at the symbols."

Miriweather says, "They were beautiful.. their forms were graceful, looping across the wall in an endless dance."

Miriweather says, "As he gazed upon them, he began to hear his companion.. the voice.. and it began to translate the meaning of the glyphs."

Miriweather furrows her brow.

Miriweather takes a drink from her warm golden brandy.

Miriweather slowly exhales and the warm scent of brandy drifts past you.

Miriweather gets a languid grin on her face and falls over.

Miriweather coughs.

Miriweather furrows her brow.

Miriweather exclaims, "Oh my!"

Miriweather says, "Finally.. hearing that voice.. he gave into it."

Miriweather says, "As he tumbled into its depths.. he was overcome by the sheer beauty and agelessness of it."

Miriweather says, "He was drawn into it, as a lover is drawn into the embrace of his partner."

Miriweather says, "And as he gave himself up to it, he began to understand what he'd made his road from.."

Miriweather says, "What it was." You stare at


Miriweather says, "Well.."

Miriweather says, "At the point of his understanding.." .

Miriweather says, "Suddenly, the little dwarf felt a shift.. as if a shift in the very 'being' of reality."

Miriweather says, "And in that moment.. he felt a second pressence.. like the one who'd become part of himself.. but different."

Miriweather says, "And this one was definately not friendly."

Miriweather furrows her brow.

Miriweather says, "The dwarf's kindly pressence coiled into the center of his being, as if biding there to protect him."

Miriweather says, "While, the... 'other'.. seemed to lift itself up from the well like a huge viper."

Miriweather says, "The dwarf was terrified."

Miriweather says, "Suddenly, he felt the being within him rise from his chest.. and confront the malevoelent being approaching from the well at the center of the cavern."

Miriweather says, "The conflict began. The dwarf wasn't sure if it was within his mind.. or actually taking place. All he could do was cower at the base of the carved wall and watch the conflict."

Miriweather says, "The being he knew as Fangthryn battled relentlessly."

Miriweather says, "However, his adversary was both immense and tireless."

Miriweather says, "Finally, he felt the sweet essence of his companion begin to weaken."

Miriweather says, "Slowly he drew himself up, until he was standing." Haelra frowns.

Miriweather says, "He watched as clouds of vapor and static light circled the cavern as the imortals battled."

Miriweather says, "He walked a few paces toward the center of the chamber."

Miriweather says, "Suddenly, behind him, he felt a throb of air.. and turning, he beheld the wall at which he had marveled explode.

Miriweather says, "It was as if the explosion was in slow motion.. he watched huge pieces of rock slowly glide past him."

Miriweather says, "And in that moment, he had an idea."

Miriweather says, "In that moment.. he knew that his love for the being Fangthrym was what was dooming it."

Miriweather says, "As the immortals battled.. he slowly walked forward."

Miriweather says, "Each step seemed to take every effort he could summon."

Miriweather says, "He walked forward.. toward the center of the cavern."

Miriweather says, "And finally.. reaching its center.. he stopped."

Miriweather says, "He turned and conected his conciousness with that of the being he knew as "

Miriweather says, "Fangthryn.. he sensed the mystery and the beauty of his friend."

Miriweather says, "then.. he confronted the other."

Miriweather says, "He laughed in its face."

Miriweather says, "He jumped about.. he made rude gestures to it."

Miriweather says, "And he sensed its gaze slowly turn toward him."

Miriweather says, "It was terrifying and horrible in its power."

Miriweather says, "It was everything he could have feared in every nightmare imaginable." Haelra's face turns slightly pale.

Miriweather says, "And it was slowly coming toward him."

Miriweather says, "All of a sudden, it leaped, clutching him in its endless and timeless abyss."

Miriweather says, "And at that moment.."

Miriweather says, "He leapt into the bottomless pit he knew as the well at the heart of Fangthryn's Cavern."

Miriweather sighs.

Miriweather shrugs.

Miriweather says, "They say.. somewhere.. McKyren's Folly will be found."

Miriweather says, "His brothers and sisters mourned him."

Miriweather says, "His father said he was never meant to be."

Miriweather says, "Time will tell.. if he came to his end by falling into the ocean after too much grog."

Miriweather says, "No one's ever been able to find what his brothers and sisters said he spoke of."

Miriweather says, "However.."

Miriweather says, "Tis said.."

Miriweather says, "later.. occasionally.."

Miriweather says, "his siblings were said to mention visitations.."

Miriweather says, "Something would come to them.. saying that their brother was special.."

Miriweather says, "and tis said that every sibling that dwarf had was blessed with such good luck as to make them wealthy and fat all their days."

Miriweather grins.

Miriweather says, "So.. thas an old story."

Here is Haelra telling of her discovering of Mckyren's Folly.

Haelra says, "Tonight a laval golem wondered into town"

Haelra says, "Best we can tell, it was scared down from the volcano because of an eruption"

Haelra says, "Through some exploring, Jheu and I found the cavern"

Haelra says, "Blades, Jheu, Daelynn and I walked through these caverns.. We saw and travelled on the road, we saw the runes and the well"

Haelra says, "I think Blades will agree with me though, this story is far from over still"

Haelra says, "And so.."

Haelra says, "We wait for the ending"

Eregen asks, "What did ya see or feel in the caverns Haelra?"

Haelra says, "I felt a presence"

Eregen asks, "Was the road still in good shape?"

Eregen says, "The sparkly road"

Haelra says, "Everything in there was in good shape, with the exception of the wall that McKyern cowered at"

Blades says, "i taken a pick axe with me next time, that floor is pure ruby"

Haelra says, "He has carved a statue at the entrance, dedicated to his father"

Haelra says, "There is a presence on the Isle"

Haelra says, "I felt it while I was in the Cavern"

Haelra says, "I can't say what will happen, but I didn't feel any fear up there"

Haelra says, "There is a well, it has no end"

Eregen says, "bottomless pit as you said"

Haelra says, "You can't hear the faintest indication of a sound when you drop something into it"

Blades says, "i wonder if Fangthryn still lives"

Below I have included a portion of Tsoran's Teras Wilds Map showing the Inner Circle of the Eye of V'Tull and the entrance to McKyren's Folly which is marked with an X. When you reach the entrance you should see a pile of rubble and to that rubble you must go.
Going back and checking this over I realized my map is wrong. The X should be one area north of its current position.

Below is the map I have created with my less than perfect cartography skills of McKyren's Folly. Inside it are only golems and elementals and to my knowledge no Tsarks or Mages have wandered down there making it somewhat safer than the Innercircle.