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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 31

Lich Room ID: 343

dark stone structure with blackened windows

Teegan's Armory

Main Room

Plate is also Voln armor T1 Periapt recahrges 1 charge every 720 minutes

in the caddy
some glaes studded leather - 4,000,000
a glossy green ora sea turtle with a verdigris patinaed shell - 5,000,000
a silk-twined black ora wakizashi - 20,000,000
a ruby-adorned ruddy bronze dagger - 999,999,900

on the table
a glass bottle - 1,000,000
some embossed spiked mithril leg greaves - 1,000,000
an old spiked glowbark shield - 2,000,000
a gem-pommeled white ora longsword - 2,000,000
a burnished ora earring - 3,000,000
some mithril studded leather - 3,000,000
an ornate spiked iron metal breastplate - 4,000,000
some thick spiked mithglin chain mail - 4,000,000
some flowing yellow velvet robes - 4,000,000
a holy white ora shield - 5,000,000
a blood red leather vest - 5,000,000
a black ora throwing dagger - 5,000,000
a shadow black wand - 7,000,000
some thick imflass full plate - 9,000,000
a vine-layered black golvern cuirass - 15,000,000
a multi-faceted teardrop bloodjewel - 25,000,000
a plain black neckpouch - 50,000,000
a blonde-haired rogue doll - 50,000,000
a salt-stained ghezyte jack-of-plate emblazoned with an indigo chelioboros - 200,000,000
some spiked vultite Ardenai plate - 250,000,000

Teegan's Magic Shoppe

East Room

Plate armor is also Tier1 Voln armor - 7 on DCP scale Sproink ball no zests Tip jar has been deepened and now opens/closes Wig is altered Obsidian figurine/clasp for containers via skilled rogues/unique Pack is max light (3lbs) and holds large Bracer holds small and has spring Coffer is footwear alteration box

in the cabinet
a black glass mask stickpin - 500,000
an obsidian human figurine inside a gold wire pentagram - 1,000,000
a scowling bile green toy frog holding a large red stamp - 1,500,000
a polished carmiln greatshield - 2,000,000
a bile green crystal ball with a small angry faced gnome figure holding a big red stamp suspended within - 2,000,000
a gold-inset onyx cabochon pin - 2,000,000
some old spiked steel leg greaves - 3,000,000
a studded leather gorget - 3,000,000
a curved skinning dagger - 4,000,000
a soft leather pack clasped with a carved black-ora rose - 5,000,000
a hairless siamese cat miniature with large hollow eyes - 5,000,000
a wine-colored crushed velvet wrap - 5,000,000
a Siolan miniature - 5,000,000
a black wooden rogue doll with sharp needles for daggers - 5,000,000
a Gostahl miniature - 5,000,000
a sleek black ora katana with an agate-inlaid white jade hilt - 5,000,000
a large glass tip jar labelled "Scarabs are not tips." - 5,000,000
a pair of brown kidskin boots with rawhide laces - 5,000,000
a dark ora chainmail shirt - 5,000,000
a polished veil iron handaxe - 10,000,000
a razor-sharp mithril longsword - 10,000,000
a small neckpouch burned with a stylized skull and crossbones - 50,000,000
some bone-plated dark leather brigandine - 150,000,000

Teegan's Weaponry

North Room

The grey ora handaxe is somewhat damage weighted Red tanik amulet had 40 charges of Call Familiar The veniom banded shield is also +5 TD Crimson Falchion talks on "touch" and "wave".
8 points of weighting. Palm sap has rare flare

in the cabinet
a silver glass whorl stickpin - 200,000
an ora-tipped black ora short sword - 1,000,000
a murky grey ora handaxe - 1,000,000
some deep blue prayer beads inlaid with ivory-hilted silver daggers - 1,000,000
a lightning bolt-shaped athame - 1,000,000
a plain beryl earcuff - 2,000,000
a black ora shield - 2,000,000
a gargoyle arm bone - 3,000,000
a red tanik amulet - 4,000,000
a winged ebon cat-shaped teacup - 5,000,000
a jagged mithril cleaver - 5,000,000
a sturdy rolaren war hammer - 5,000,000
an expressionless mask - 5,000,000
a black vultite shield edged with braided veniom wire - 10,000,000
a dapper black leather vest - 10,000,000
a curved dark rolaren sword - 12,000,000
an unassuming palm sap - 20,000,000
a sharp crimson-bladed falchion - 20,000,000
a wavy-bladed alexandrite dagger - 20,000,000
a veniom-edged toy washerwoman bank - 20,000,000
an alexandrite short sword - 20,000,000
a long zelnorn-tipped stiletto - 100,000,000
a slender golden zelnorn wakizashi - 100,000,000
some sleek shadow black body-armor - 100,000,000
a suit of zelnorn-scaled brigandine - 100,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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