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River's Rest - Room: 4

Lich Room ID: 10875

aqua-tinted stucco shop

Ntere's Magic Shoppe

Main Room

More Inventory will be posted soon.
To the North is Lord Arbel's War Room

on the counter
a bright red celosia - 200
some dark red sandalwood incense - 1,000
a strip of pebbled leather - 1,000
a strip of pure white spidersilk - 1,000
a strip of deep golden leather - 10,000
a brass-hinged modwir chest - 15,000
a warm chestnut velveteen box - 15,000
a copper-lined stone incense holder - 15,000
a round carved jade incense holder - 15,000
a dark silver dagger with a blackened hide hilt - 15,000
a black disk-shaped candy - 25,000
a square white candy - 25,000
a cream-colored candy - 25,000
a crimson silk drawstring gem pouch shot through with elaborate blackworking - 30,000
a wide faenor comb with a moonstone-studded handle - 40,000
a frosted glass comb with bas-relief roses along the handle - 40,000
a frayed leather harness - 75,000

on the display
a leaf-etched fletching razor - 20,000
a curled green quetzal plume - 50,000
a brass-rimmed scarlet glass jar - 100,000
an invar-rimmed amethyst glass jar - 100,000
a kelyn-rimmed goldenrod glass jar - 100,000
a gold-rimmed vermilion glass jar - 100,000
a laje-rimmed indigo glass jar - 100,000
a vaalin-rim cerulean glass jar - 100,000

Ntere's Outfitting

East Room

Inventory will be listed soon

in the case
a fake-looking black goatee - 15,000
a round showy silver-papered box - 15,000
a hammered copper leaf pin - 20,000
a strip of emerald green spidersilk - 20,000
a sun-faded linen bandana - 30,000
a quartz-veined silver leaf pin - 50,000
a densely woven anklet of holly leaves and pale green ribbons - 60,000
a densely woven circlet of scarlet maple leaves and black silk ribbons - 60,000
a simply woven circlet of crimson snow pansies and holly leaves - 60,000
laje-buckled leather swordbelt - 75,000

on the counter
a vibrant orange zinnia - 100
a pink and purple godetia - 200
a bright yellow ranunculus - 200
a sprig of white queen's lace - 200
a pale white trillium - 200
some white honeysuckle incense - 1,000
some citrine sweet honey incense - 5,000
some pale orange-jasmine incense - 5,000
a strip of glossy black spidersilk - 10,000
a shallow bronze incense holder - 15,000
a strip of mottled grey sharkskin - 20,000
a silk-covered stiff paper box - 25,000
a ribbon-tied square paper box - 25,000
a silver and galena tiled moon pendant - 30,000
a pair of vaalin-sigiled silk gloves - 75,000

Ntere's Magic Shoppe

North Room

Rods are Blank Imbeds

on the rack
a pale lavender candle - 1,000
a bright emerald toucan feather - 1,000
a long bluish black fireback feather - 1,000
a green-tinged azulene peacock feather - 1,000
a bit of fishing wire - 1,000
a small pink apple blossom - 5,000
a petite pale purple fairy primrose - 5,000
an azure-tinted black velvet grackle - 15,000
a vaalin-inlaid fel candlestick - 25,000
an ornate silver candlestick - 25,000

on the table
a cloudy glass swamp globe - 1,000
a large vial of azulene paint - 10,000
a large vial of goldenrod paint - 10,000
a strip of emerald green spidersilk - 10,000
a strip of glossy black spidersilk - 10,000
a long white feather boa - 15,000
a flower-carved rosewood candleholder - 25,000
a vine-carved modwir candleholder - 25,000
a black spidersilk tunic - 25,000
a crimson silk drawstring gem pouch shot through with elaborate blackworking - 30,000
a grey flask - 75,000
a green flask - 75,000
a violet flask - 75,000
a brass-rimmed scarlet glass jar - 100,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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