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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 12

Lich Room ID: 366

charming white granite shop with a tiled cone roof

Loraek's Magic Shoppe

Main Room

On the table:
+ Vultite maul is a perfect +25 weapon and is ensorcelled 3 times.

in the case
an onyx-inlaid platinum armband - 300,000
a star emerald inset mithril brooch - 400,000
an enruned star ruby stickpin - 492,075
some fringed satin robes - 500,000
a tooled blue starstone torc - 750,000
a heart-cut star ruby necklace - 911,250
some scarred spiked full leather - 1,500,000
a garnet-set gold brooch - 1,750,000
some embossed full leather - 2,000,000
an old vultite greathelm - 3,000,000
some thick spiked double leather - 4,000,000
some thick double leather - 4,500,000

on the table
an elegant silver earcuff - 218,700
a tear-cut ruby necklace - 273,375
a radiant-cut blue sapphire earring - 283,500
an onyx and peridot earring - 291,600
an amethyst inset mithril bracer - 291,600
an opal-inset silver neckchain - 364,500
a delicate mithril pin - 492,075
an ornate mithril aventail - 540,000
a green garnet inset platinum bracer - 546,750
an opal-inset ora necklace - 583,200
an old vaalorn aventail - 1,458,000
some scratched eahnor arm greaves - 2,551,500
a perfect walnut-hafted vultite maul - 9,000,000

Loraek's Weaponry

Main Room

On the counter: We have all Ironmonger patterns available to customize with. Contact Loraek + Longsword is a +20 perfect weapon + Mithril maul is a perfect +25 weapon + Steel dagger is a +20 perfect weapon + Mithril morning-star is a +20 perfect weapon + Mithril spikestar is a +20 perfect weapon + Vultite Greatsword is a +20 perfect weapon + Vaalorn Maul is a perfect +25 weapon + Vultite no-dachi is a perfect +20 customized greatsword.

on the counter
an earthy ilvan'eth potion - 300,000
a perfect maoral-hilted steel dagger - 2,250,000
a perfect steel-hilted mithril longsword - 2,750,000
a perfect steel-hilted vultite greatsword - 2,999,999
a perfect mithril spikestar - 3,250,000
a perfect maoral-hafted mithril morning-star - 3,250,000
a perfect maoral-hafted mithril morning-star - 3,250,000
a perfect maoral-hafted mithril maul - 4,500,000
a perfect walnut-hafted vaalorn maul - 4,500,000
a perfect vultite no-dachi with a ruby-eyed eagle head pommel - 4,500,000

on the table
an etched golvern buckler - 650,000
a heavy razern slab - 975,000
a heavy razern slab - 975,000
a heavy razern slab - 975,000
a heavy razern slab - 975,000
a heavy veil iron slab - 1,497,500
a heavy black ora slab - 1,975,000
a heavy black ora slab - 1,975,000
a matte vultite buckler streaked with demonic visages - 4,000,000

Loraek's Magic Shoppe

Main Room

Statues are 22-25 charges. Harness is a mostly-unlocked pirate harness - looks fancy when you put stuff in or take it out. The packs, knapsack, and bag are alchemy jar containers. Reach out to Nitos if you have any questions about the merchandise in this room.

on the counter
a small statue - 10,000
a sephwir hand crossbow - 900,000
some mithril brigandine armor - 1,500,000
a bronze-toned mithril mesh bag - 1,500,000
some blackened ora leg greaves - 1,500,000
some mithril spiked brigandine armor - 1,750,000
some polished imflass arm greaves - 1,800,000
an unadorned cloth-of-vaalin knapsack - 2,000,000
a pouch-lined harness with contrasting black and white crossed straps - 2,500,000
a thick spiked orase greatshield - 3,000,000
a sephwir hand crossbow - 3,500,000

on the table
an etched mithril greathelm - 350,000
a star-cut white sunstone torc - 360,000
an embossed spiked kakore buckler - 450,000
some ora arm greaves - 500,000
a snake-etched platinum ring - 800,000
an old spiked mithril greathelm - 900,000
an old ora metal breastplate - 900,000
a polished vultite metal breastplate - 1,000,000
a pale grey shagreen hiking pack - 1,800,000
a bent mossbark runestaff - 2,000,000
a quilted vine-stitched pack dotted with amethyst berry clusters - 2,000,000
some polished spiked ora leg greaves - 3,000,000
a square-cut red dreamstone pendant - 3,150,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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