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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 2

Lich Room ID: 375

charming white granite shop with a gabled roof

Chormic's Outfitting

Main Room

~Welcome!~ Cordovan Cloak is Rustic Clothing, zesty, and only 7lbs Brushed Leather Cloak is Rustic Wear with PINCH, PULL, PUSH, and RUB Aquamarine Longcoat is +1 Dex Eel Skin Pouch is a Concealing Pouch with zests of OPEN, CLOSE, PUSH, REMOVE, PULL, GLANCE Sigil is for Cleric's attuned to CHARL. Allows you to cast Holy Preservation (305) with some holy style by waving it at a dead person. If you get it unlocked, you'll get extra zests!
Refillable with White Flask

in the cabinet
a silver samite sack - 30,000
a stained oilcloth bag - 30,000
a dark oilcloth bag - 30,000
a soft snake skin pouch - 30,000
a beaded purple leather pouch - 30,000
a luxurious viper skin pouch - 30,000
a formal grey sack - 30,000
a dark cotton pouch - 30,000
a dark oilcloth sack - 30,000
a tarnished iron sigil on a thin leather cord - 50,000
a green Luukos symbol - 50,000
a lushly white-furred arctic manticore mask - 75,000
a waist-tapered gown of dark bronze and scarlet bourde - 75,000
a braided silvery glaes wedding band set with blue diamonds - 100,000
an onyx studded satin greatcloak - 150,000
a thickly layered steel grey cordovan cloak lined with scrimshawed toggles - 250,000
a thickly layered steel grey cordovan cloak lined with scrimshawed toggles - 250,000
an opal studded satin longcoat - 300,000
a fur-edged amber doeskin cloak - 400,000
a deep indigo eel skin pouch - 450,000
a silver-threaded aquamarine byssus longcoat - 500,000
a silver-threaded aquamarine byssus longcoat - 500,000
some silver-set sapphire hairjewels - 500,000
a bottle of dark Faendryl wine - 2,000,000
an elongated brushed leather cloak woven with faint dark bronzed threading - 2,000,000

Chormic's Outfitting

East Room

Cobalt Belt is a zesty lockpicking belt Blouse and Spidersilk Pants are zested T0 RainboWear Trousers, Pants (except spidersilk), Boots, Belts are pocketed Tunic is pocketed and PIN WORN Snowcat Patterned Hide Boots has 8 zests! Orc Hide Vest is pocketed and PIN worn. Sheet is a spell prep.

in the cabinet
a fur-lined ash grey kilt - 30,000
some ora-edged light grey boots - 35,000
some elegant silver-buckled sandals - 35,000
some red-laced soft leather sandals - 35,000
some open-backed fog grey silk sandals - 35,000
a loose blue silk blouse with wrist-bound sleeves - 50,000
a white viper skin bodice - 50,000
a coral red doeskin bodice - 50,000
some snowcat patterned hide boots - 60,000
some dainty burgundy leggings - 100,000
some charred ebony leggings - 100,000
some auburn oilcloth leggings - 100,000
some onyx satin trousers traced with silver embroidery - 150,000
some bearskin trousers - 200,000
a rugged orc hide vest - 450,000
some bloodstained white leather pants - 1,000,000

on the table
a small gold ring - 4,500
a black-haired necromancer doll - 15,000
a grey samite belt - 35,000
silver-edged indigo sheet - 50,000
a cobalt suede belt - 50,000
a cobalt suede belt - 50,000
a silk-lined sanded ebonwood case - 500,000

Chormic's Outfitting

North Room

Jar is spell prep for Blink 1215 Crystal Maul is +2 infused with lightning Steel Maul is 0x Vellum unlocks a hair do-hickey from T2 to T3 Pauldrons are zesty WEAR, REMOVE, GLANCE, GAZE, NUDGE, FOLD, TOUCH, CRACK, PULL. If Aelotoi, also TAP, RUB, KICK, STARE "Get" Items for info. Flask is wearable and refillable with any drink. Holds 7 sips.

in the cabinet
an icy snowflake-filled jar - 5,000
a chased pewter flask - 10,000
a feathery soft white vellum - 50,000
some crossed black leather back-sheaths - 100,000
some crossed rough canvas back-sheaths - 100,000
an etched spiked mithril greathelm - 350,000
some wide-set elk hide pauldrons punctured with jagged bone fragments - 400,000
a wide pair of silver modwir pauldrons carved with spotted wood owls - 400,000
a pair of narrowed ironwood pauldrons accented with sharp vultite scaling - 400,000
a set of layered suede pauldrons banded with hammered bronze channels - 400,000
a white opal studded pewter crown - 450,000
a dark emerald-clasped runestaff harness - 1,500,000
a silver mane weapon harness - 1,500,000
a cross-body thick leather runestaff harness - 2,000,000
a deep ebony spidersilk harness - 5,000,000

on the table
a heavy steel maul - 10,000
a heavy steel maul - 10,000
a heavy steel maul - 10,000
a heavy crystal-capped maul - 15,000
a heavy crystal-capped maul - 15,000
a gem-pommeled imflass backsword - 75,000
a jade-handled feras-studded maul - 100,000
a cracked rowan runestaff - 100,000
a mithril rapier - 150,000
a rowan runestaff incised down the shaft with a pattern of ladybug shapes - 5,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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