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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 19

Lich Room ID: 361

gear-marked grey stone edifice with two gears covering the top

Boora's Outfitting

Main Room

Sapphire amulet is MR Thurfels Ward, several charges.
Clasp has 4 charges spirit strike.
Torc is +1 wisdom bonus and +1 shield bonus.
Medallion is crumbly.
Pin is 1x per day Bone Shatter.

in the bin
a vaalorn-edged rhimar handaxe - 50,000
a damaged beryl clasp - 75,000
a pair of dark green faenor-scaled gauntlets - 300,000
a beady-eyed russet fox stole with a bushy white-striped tail - 750,000
a circular platinum pin inlaid with a multicolored sea glass mosaic - 5,000,000

on the counter
a viridian silk velvet gem pouch woven with gilded silken drawstrings - 100,000
a crimson silk drawstring gem pouch shot through with elaborate blackworking - 100,000
a threadbare muslin sack - 150,000
a reinforced invar razor - 150,000
a dingy linen haversack - 200,000
a pair of ragged leather gloves - 200,000
a twisting blue-green potion - 250,000
a white-bordered red parchment - 250,000
a pair of dark grey silk gloves lined with silvery satin - 300,000
a pair of dark green faenor-scaled gauntlets - 300,000
a tall and slender kakore runestaff with bronze-toned spidersilk wound about its shaft - 400,000
a gnarled black ash broomstick - 500,000
a plain bronze insignia - 500,000
a miniature Liabo moon - 1,000,000
a miniature Liabo moon - 1,000,000
a miniature Lornon moon - 2,000,000
a miniature Lornon moon - 2,000,000
a deep violet sapphire amulet - 3,000,000
small carnelian-hued codex - 4,000,000

Boora's Outfitting

Main Room

Perfect short-sword is 7x.
Scabbard identifies weapon properties.
Green leather boots are tier 2 Toffit boots.

in the cabinet
a sleeping eye-painted charm - 5,000
a flaking blood red paper charm - 5,000
a ruby-eyed dark crystal skeleton - 50,000
alum-studded leather frog - 75,000
some white spidersilk pantaloons - 75,000
a pair of green leather boots fastened with mithril buckles - 125,000
a reinforced invar razor - 125,000
a frayed burlap sack - 150,000
a mithril and blue sapphire tiara - 150,000
a black spidersilk tunic - 225,000
a dark brown monkey-faced pin - 250,000
a slender cobalt mithril scabbard with a gold-rimmed throat - 250,000
a fern-intaglio cloud agate locket hung from a pale lace ribbon - 250,000
a pair of dark grey silk gloves lined with silvery satin - 300,000
a pair of dark grey silk gloves lined with silvery satin - 300,000
a spherical faenor and glass lantern wrapped with green mithril vines - 300,000
a single bit vultite beaked axe - 400,000
a gleaming ora greathelm - 1,500,000
a corroded vultite awl-pike - 2,500,000

Boora's Outfitting

Main Room

Bucket makes healing herbs. Misshapen stone is mage rechargable 20 charges mass blurs. Circlet and Earring persist/persist.
Torc, Talisman and Ring are crumbly.

in the cabinet
a paper spider web-painted charm - 20,000
a soil-stained voucher - 50,000
a gold-fringed black satin neckerchief - 50,000
a pale pink cotton handkerchief - 100,000
a pale pink cotton handkerchief - 100,000
a dull iron clasp - 150,000
a lump of vultite ore - 150,000
a lump of imflass ore - 150,000
an orange silk drawstring gem pouch - 150,000
a weathered leather wand belt - 200,000
a lump of mithglin ore - 200,000
a lump of faenor ore - 200,000
a lump of kelyn ore - 200,000
a gnarled wrotwood torch lit with a burning flame - 250,000
a bone-inlaid amethyst torc - 250,000
a dirt-filled black ceramic bucket - 250,000
a pair of dark grey silk gloves lined with silvery satin - 300,000
an onyx-inlaid mithril alloy talisman - 300,000
a carved kakore rune staff capped with a blue mermaid's-tear sapphire - 500,000
a fist-painted crumpled paper charm - 500,000
a paper closed eye-painted charm - 500,000
a gold-flecked misshapen stone - 5,000,000
a black opal studded pewter buckle - 6,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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