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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 11

Lich Room ID: 339

ivy-covered grey stone building with a sturdy cross-gabled roof

Artiminus' Armory

Main Room

Silver and black chain are gold ring holders. Warhorn can be raised for adjacent room sounds. Black leather harness two weapon displayer.

in the cabinet
an onyx-handled imflass battle axe - 300,000
some scorched light leather - 450,000
an imflass naginata - 450,000
an old spiked mithril aegis - 550,000
a glyph-etched ora pin - 555,000
a solid steel helm - 666,000
a brilliant star ruby torc - 967,000
a delicate golden topaz torc - 1,000,000
some etched imflass half plate - 1,500,000
an oak-handled imflass morning star - 2,100,000
a blackened vultite metal breastplate - 3,500,000
a scratched spiked ora greathelm - 3,500,000
an ivory-inlaid pink dreamstone pendant - 4,000,000
some supple black leather armor etched with silvery runes - 6,000,000
a gold-limned translucent crimson glaes barbute - 32,299,900
a mithril and star ruby neckchain - 35,000,000
an elegant beryl stickpin - 40,000,000
a tiny fortress key hanging from an eahnor wire - 55,000,000
a malachite-set gold necklace - 65,000,000

in the caddy
an elegant platinum pin - 667,000
a chased silver buckle - 3,400,000
a mossbark aegis - 4,000,000
some ornate vaalorn full plate - 4,500,000

Artiminus' Combat Gear

East Room

golden dragon is mage rechargeable 906
whorled crimson necklance amulet holder

in the caddy
an engraved mithril torc - 767,000
a plain star ruby torc - 1,540,000
a dark crimson bracer - 3,600,000
a rune-etched red spinel medallion - 8,300,000
a blank deathdagger - 40,000,000

on the table
a slime-covered grave blossom - 5,000
a dense earthen root - 6,000
a spiky luminescent blossom - 6,000
a razor-edged oily flameleaf - 6,000
a glistening engorged bulb - 6,000
a razor-edged oily flameleaf - 6,000
a razor-edged oily flameleaf - 6,000
a glistening engorged bulb - 6,000
a spiky luminescent blossom - 6,000
a dense earthen root - 6,000
an opalescent glass jar - 10,000
a faceted ruby inset silver medallion - 500,000
an orase runestaff - 500,000
an onyx inset ora medallion - 634,000
a drakar longsword - 900,000
a scratched spiked ora helm - 1,100,000
a silvery faille cloak embroidered with cobalt stars - 2,000,000
a vultite greathelm - 2,200,000
some thick vaalorn full plate - 2,340,000
a set of electrum-edged brigandine - 4,500,000

Artiminus' Outfitting

South Room

Crimson Tip rods hold 90 mana. Coin Puch is less then 1 pound holds MA. Dwarven satchel is 5/MA belt worn flowing long coat 6/90 Blue Lootsack 3/50 White Bag 2/MA web pouch 2/LA

in the caddy
a threadbare muslin sack - 125,000
a frayed burlap sack - 125,000
a niveous leather belt sheath - 400,000
a frayed leather harness - 450,000
a weathered leather bandolier - 450,000

on the table
a glass bottle of blue ooze - 100,000
a soil-stained voucher - 100,000
a weathered leather wand belt - 250,000
a chiffon-skirted mist grey gown blackworked along the bodice - 250,000
a dingy linen haversack - 345,000
a reinforced invar razor - 350,000
a weathered leather bandolier - 450,000
a frayed leather harness - 450,000
some reptilian jet leather gloves set with silver talons - 450,000
a golvern-tined thick white fishbone - 500,000
a barnacled seafoam green mask - 500,000
a rheumy-eyed gaunt sailor marionette - 500,000
a miniature clock tower - 500,000
a simple veniom-chained monocle - 1,200,000
a small veniom-bound armoire - 1,500,000
a pure white sealskin mantle with a lustrous black coral clasp - 2,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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