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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 22

Lich Room ID: 358

dimly lit tavern with a winking Faendryl maiden on the sign

Amerek's Outfitting

Main Room

capsules hold 30 chronomage spheres per each town hawk feather - hairworn

on the counter
a twisting blue-green potion - 75,000
a twisting blue-green potion - 75,000
a squat pale grey crystal bottle - 100,000
a brass and gold capsule with a glaesine dome - 250,000
a weathered salt-stained jacket embroidered with a faded Ashrim crest - 350,000
a burnished illthorn buckler - 500,000
a pair of coral-beaded foot-flowers - 500,000
a squat jar of pallid grey salve - 750,000
a lor runestaff - 1,000,000
a starstone inset eonake necklace - 1,000,000
an acid-pitted witchwood runestaff - 1,500,000
a bone-handled rolaren morning star - 1,500,000
a banded lor runestaff - 2,500,000
a lor runestaff - 2,500,000
a black rose-painted deck - 2,500,000
a black rose-painted deck - 2,500,000
a suede-wrapped silver hawk feather - 5,000,000
a filigreed gold clasp - 15,000,000

on the hooks
a silver-ringed black leather thigh-quiver - 150,000
a morduska hide back scabbard cross-wrapped with copper straps - 250,000
a deathstone studded pewter crown - 550,000
a glaes-hilted glaive - 1,250,000
a pristine rolaren razor - 7,200,000

Amerek's Magic Shoppe

East Room

******** ******** Bright notes in chest deepen up to 180 lbs Vivid notes in cabinet deepen up to 200 lbs Pink (10 lbs), Blue (25 lbs), and Viridian (30 lbs) options Rectangular mold = Make a Common Material Doll Item Square Mold = Make an Uncommon Material Doll Item

in the cabinet
a crystal amulet - 15,000
a jar of thick solvent - 25,000
a carved frost giant figurine - 35,000
a squat pale grey crystal bottle - 150,000
some flowing satin robes - 150,000
a zaffre longcloak patterned with wispy stygian veins - 500,000
a vivid pink note - 724,999
a gold and star sapphire necklace - 2,500,000
a sephwir short bow - 6,500,000
a sephwir composite bow - 8,000,000
a ruic composite bow - 8,000,000

in the chest
a blue feather-shaped charm - 100,000
a square mold of clay - 150,000
a rectangular mold of clay - 150,000
an iridescent blush pink crystal - 250,000
a bright pink note - 445,000
a bright viridian note - 895,000
a thin-bladed vultite katana - 1,000,000
a swirling yellow-green potion - 3,000,000
a deep blue Dhe'nar weapon harness - 5,000,000
a pure white sealskin mantle with a lustrous black coral clasp - 6,000,000

Amerek's Outfitting

North Room

******** ******** Pale notes in footlocker deepen up to 140 lbs Light notes in cabinet deepen up to 160 lbs Pink (10 lbs), Blue (25 lbs), and Viridian (30 lbs) options Lightening notes include yellow (1 lbs), orange (2 lbs), and black (3 lbs) varieties.

in the cabinet
a thick-lipped pea green bottle - 50,000
a golvern-tined bleached fishbone - 100,000
a twisted vaalin corkscrew - 100,000
a vaalin-bound mist grey shard suspended from a rusty indigo chain - 100,000
a squat pale grey crystal bottle - 125,000
a bloodjewel studded gold talisman - 550,000
a light viridian note - 699,999
a squat jar of pallid grey salve - 750,000
a small eonake handaxe - 1,000,000
a flame-cut fire opal armband - 3,500,000
a shadowy grey cracked skull pin - 10,000,000
an old golvern greatshield - 15,000,000

on the rack
a squat pale grey crystal bottle - 100,000
a blue feather-shaped charm - 100,000
a blue feather-shaped charm - 100,000
a squat jar of pallid grey salve - 500,000
a pale blue note - 745,000
a pale viridian note - 775,000
an ora-hilted vultite katana - 1,000,000
an enruned red dreamstone pendant - 1,500,000
a star ruby inset platinum pendant - 5,000,000
a blue sapphire inset gold stickpin - 5,000,000
an enhancive token - 10,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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