Welcome to GS4 Room Data. Using this system you can find and mark locations for foragables in GS4, the MMORPG online roleplaying game by Simutronics. Also you can view more room details such as Climate & Terrain as well as more herb details. Anyone can add an herb location, but only registered rangers can add climate & terrain data. If you're a ranger and would like to register please email me at virilneus@ this website. Thanks to Tsoran for the maps.

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  • (color) clover blossom
  • black trafel mushroom
  • blue poppy
  • blue trafel mushroom
  • bolmara lichen
  • bright red teaberry
  • broken twig
  • brostheras grass
  • cactus flower
  • cave moss
  • daggerstalk mushroom
  • fiddlehead fern
  • flathead mushroom
  • golden buttercup
  • golden hook mushroom
  • golden poppy
  • handful of currants
  • handful of elderberries
  • heath aster
  • moonlight cactus-bloom
  • motherwort
  • murdroot
  • pepperthorn root
  • pink clover blossom
  • pink poppy
  • pothinir grass
  • purple clover blossom
  • purple poppy
  • red clover blossom
  • red poppy
  • slender twig
  • small wild rose
  • soft white mushroom
  • spig of alyssum
  • spotted heart mushroom
  • sprig of alyssum
  • sprig of larkspur
  • stalk of chicory
  • stalk of drakefern
  • stalk of goldenrod
  • tree bark
  • twisted twig
  • white clover blossom
  • white poppy
  • wild chokecherry
  • wild gooseberry
  • wild strawberry
  • wintergreen leaf
  • withered black mushroom
  • yellow clover blossom
  • yellow poppy
  • yellow primrose

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