a silver-edged onyx sword symbol
droughtman prize
2x per day dauntless 1606

Dauntless adds:

1. Fear attack resistance. (sheer fear, griffin screeches, etc)
2. Generic manuever resistance.
3. 10 general AS (+10 to all AS based attack forms).

Fully capped with 202 MIU ranks you get around an hour a rub, or two hours per day.


Dauntless provides the caster with a +10 bonus to attack strength of all forms, as well as increasing the caster's resistance to fear-based effects, such as the aura surrounding greater undead or the Sorcerer spell, Evil Eye.
The spell will protect the user from a maneuver if the maneuver is able to be evaded. Dauntless provides as much benefit to paladins as Mobility does to rangers.
MB 60m, which is less than what I paid for it.

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