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Thread: Why Itzel Should be Fired, or Just Quit to Save Herself Some Embarassment

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    Why Itzel Should be Fired, or Just Quit to Save Herself Some Embarassment

    Dear ASPEN,

    Your message copied below has been removed from the Minor Elemental Circle topic for flaming. The GemStone IV Forum has a family oriented atmosphere where people can exchange ideas and information without fear of being harassed or intimidated. Relevant text from your message:

    >>And yet, you're so selfish or insecure you feel threatened by giving a spell that currently has no lore bonus, no way to improve upon once you learn it, the most obvious extension to it's power?

    There's absolutely no constructive reason to call another poster "selfish or insecure." You know better than this.

    >>Honestly, sometimes I get so sick of the whiny players in this game. Being incapable of bettering their own profession so instead they work to keep others down. First it was that whole raise dead scroll debacle because clerics got their knickers in a bunch, now you're acting like I ran over your dog because I think 405 should get an obvious extension to it's existing abilities with lore or mc training.

    There's absolutely no constructive reason to refer to other posters as "whiny players."

    >>Now, I really don't care to protect my abilities in a turf war, nor do I have any respect for those who do for theirs.

    And while you don't need to "have" respect for your fellow posters, you most definitely should either "show" respect or refrain from posting messages in response to them.

    To date (not including this post), you have received 8 TAC Warnings and 42 Cautions for various behaviors on the GSIV Forums. This post marks Caution #43 (your 18th Caution for Inflammatory/Flaming posting). Please find your total removed post counts below (TAC Warnings, then Cautions, then Notifications):

    Vulgarity/Obscenity 1 3 0
    Masked Vulgarity 0 3 1
    Inflamatory/Flaming 6 17 3
    Harassment 0 1 1
    Disruptive 1 9 2
    Advertising 0 1 0
    Spamming 0 1 5
    Off topic 0 4 10
    Thread hidden 0 2 67
    In-game Puzzle Answer 0 0 2
    Out of context 0 0 23
    Flaming Simutronics 0 1 0

    Please note that continued posting which does not comply to Forums policies at this point will result in automatic issuance of TAC Warnings, which will inevitably result in the removal of your privilege to continue to post.

    It's important to us that you understand why this kind of posting is not acceptable. If you feel unclear about the guidelines for posting, please click the Forum Policies link in the upper right corner of the Forums pages. Our guidelines specifically request that members count to 10 and be kind when posting.

    If you have any questions about my action in removing your message, please don't hesitate to email me so we can clarify the issue to your satisfaction.


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    I am obviously no stranger to forum rules. Over the years I've tried to follow the rules more, and have modified some things I've posted. I have, in fact, counted to 10. I think I've gotten a lot better. I try to avoid blatant personal attacks. But, still, I have had enough stuff removed where I think I know the rules.

    If I, the nasty dwarf, am going to follow the rules though, I would expect others too as well.

    So, Kithus has this ridiculous idea to turn armor enhancements (support, fluidity, etc) into a merchant service to stick them on permanently. This might work for auction items, but is too powerful for a regular merchant service, the closest analogy, resistance, only ever allowed a mere 20% with a 10% attached penalty, as opposed to what players could (much higher) temporarily provide.

    I posted as such, he gets really upset, I'm guessing he was just having a bad day and I was the straw (he's the camel) but he really overreacted to me not liking his idea. He finally blows his top and posts this diatribe, which, of course, is both Off-Topic and Disruptive.

    That would be you using a strawman argument by the definition you posted.

    As for the rest of your post... I just realized I'm arguing with the genius who thinks sorcerers getting a fourth spell list is a perfectly good and balanced idea. Tell you what when you have a reasonable grasp of the game mechanics you're talking about and can discuss them without drastically exagerating them to make (or fail to make in this case) your points then we'll talk. Until then you're a bag of hot air blowing on a post that your opinion has no actual bearing on, repeating proven false arguments over and over.

    Tell you what if you're really against it why don't you start a petition. That crap worked out real well for the rest of us last time.

    This was obviously over the top, obviously against forum rules. I decide to be the bigger man and not respond in kind, even urge him to remove it before he gets a warning.

    Instead, Itzel does the brilliant move and chimes in, is she even a forum mod? I don't know...

    At this point the posts won't be pulled, but the argument/discussion between the two of you needs to move to emails or stop. Though initially there was good discussion going on, we need to keep it from degrading further into personal invective.

    Thanks guys.


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    What a stupid thing to do. Not only does she decide to just, disregard forum rules, but she publicly says that his post was okay, and that it will not be removed. So, she's screwed, if she changes her mind after realizing what a bad decision it was, she looks like a jerk, if she doesn't change her mind, then the bad decision stands and she still looks like a jerk.

    So I post, "When did the rules change." She instantly removes that post for being off topic.

    Yes, it was off topic, but, pray tell, on which topic was Keith's post? My qualities as a person? That is not a merchant event of suggestion. His post was as off topic as mine, and yet, it remains.

    I email Itzel a few times, no response, email sirina, no response.

    I respond to Keith. I quote his post, and very politely, though with sarcasm, I respond. My post gets removed for being disruptive, his post does not. So, to recap, I act like the bigger man, his post stays, I decide to respond since apparently the rules no longer apply, but I'm not nearly as blatant, and my post gets removed, his stays. So, since I cannot post on the officials, I'm posting here.

    I'm sure Itzel is not actually having sex with Keith in real life, but it is kinda the only thing that makes sense. Seriously, how obvious does something have to be?

    I'm not angry at Keith at all, he was obviously just in a foul mood and took it out on me, whatever, I can take it. But Itzel is a customer service rep for a company that I've paid a lot of money too, I expect better. I expect that if I'm expected to follow the rules, other customers should be as well. If I can have a warning for posting that someone was insecure, then a two paragraph rant against a person should probably warrant a warning too.

    I've heard stories of her incompetence before but I always shrugged them off. Unfortunately this time I got to experience it first hand and, well, it wasn't pretty.

    Bottom line, if Simutronics wants people to respect their rules, they need to enforce them consistently and equally.

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